Yolandi van WykJul 20, '20

Now you can satisfy your craving for desserts or something sweet without having to groan every time you get on the bathroom scale. That’s because Slender Wonder has brought out two delicious new desserts, just in time for the holidays: Slender Wonder Chocolate Pudding and Slender Wonder Flavoured Jelly.

Whoever thought you’d hear the words “Chocolate Pudding” and “guilt-free” in the same sentence? But with Slender Wonder, you can now indulge your craving in a delicious, low-fat way with just 73KCAL per serving. To top it all, Slender Wonder’s Chocolate Pudding is high in fibre and high in protein, while at the same time containing no preservatives.

If chocolate is not your thing, your sweet tooth will love Slender Wonder’s new range of fat-free flavoured jelly. And you know that fat-free means guilt-free. With 13.6KCAL per serving, the jelly also contains Garcinia Cambogia, a popular and effective weight loss supplement. Available in cherry, lime and orange flavours, you are going to look far for a more delicious way to keep the extra kilos at bay than with Slender Wonder Flavoured Jelly.

Even the product packaging for Slender Wonder’s new range of desserts is slim, taking up less space than you thought it would in your kitchen or the holiday luggage. Available in a trendy tub, you’ll only need two scoops at a time, meaning more taste, less waste.